Southwest Indians

The Indian cultures of the Southwest present a vibrant and varied heritage that is very much alive. This authoritative series of books presents an amazing overview of these cultures and much of what captivates the casual visitor to the Southwest.

Written by Tom Bahti, a well regarded dealer in Indian Arts and Crafts, this Series serves as a wonderful introduction to the field.

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Navajo Treaty--1868
by Barboncito, Navajo Cheif introduction by Martin A Link Published in cooperation with the Nava..
Southwestern Indian Arts & Crafts
by Tom Bahti and Mark Bahti come to know painting, silverwork, turquoise, bead-work, pottery,..
Southwestern Indian Ceremonials
by Tom Bahti and Mark Bathi Learn of the native ceremonies still being performed by the India..
Southwestern Indian Tribes
by Tom Bahti and Mark Bahti Become acquainted with 39 Southwestern Indian cultures--their his..
Southwestern Indian Trilogy
by Tom Bahti and Mark Bahti A badbound edition incorporated the three books of our classic So..
Southwestern Indian Weaving
by Mark Bahti Discover Southwestern Indian weaving traditions.  This book covers it all-..
Zuni Fetishes
by Frank Hamilton Cushing The authoriative explanation of fetish art created by the Zunis--master..
Zuni Fetishes Expanded Edition
The Story Behind the Scenery by Frank Hamilton Cushing Cushing's classic book is incorpora..
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